Monday, December 28, 2009

Children of France....1965


We were on the bus...traveling from else in France. Don't remember where ..right now.

These children appeared to be alone, in a bombed out building ...a result of WWII....a dirty, unrepaired, unkept, unsightly small village in France, which had not been rebuilt..after the war.

I wonder if that town remains bombed out..rejected....forgotten.

And, I wonder if these beautiful children made it to adult-hood...or if they too were rejected and forgotten.

Moments after I snapped this frame, from the window of the bus, the little girl lifted her skirt and exposed her sadly naked baby body. I wondered where the parents were.

Most of us in America, haven't a clue just how well off we are.

Say your blessings every day and be thankful....for the beauty and bounty with which we have been blessed.

Original photograph and text by: N.E.R.
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