Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Twilight Zone..........

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The Color Purple

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..........................Park Picker

Wouldn't this man be surprised if he knew that I caught him visiting with his friend while picking his nose in a public New York City.

It's a Candid Camera moment !
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

.........Beyond Boundaries

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Boundaries..........We deal with them all of our lives.

Sometimes we thrive on the security of boundaries.

At other times, we wither on the vine....because of boudaries.

When we learn how to grow into the sun.....our boundaries strengthen us......lifting us into possibilities.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

............The Good Earth

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This snippet of the earth shot was taken the day that I visited a ranch in Youngsville, New Mexico....just north-west of Abiquiu.

It was an outstanding piece of land with a wonderful house, an art studio, a barn and a three bedroom/two bath trailer....PLUS,views that would just "take your breath".

I shot my canon a lot and even made a second trip to see this outstanding "equestrian" did not have a lake, river, creek or any other water from which a horse could drink. Nor did it have pastureland.

And so, like a good-looking man who has no substance, I had to pass it by. It was not easy. As you can see from this shot, there was color everywhere. It was truly a feast for the eyes !

Friday, November 20, 2009

.......size MATTERS !

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.......size MATTERS !

Betcha' didn't even see the home in this shot....Such a teeny-weeny little thing it appears to be.

Always remember that everything in life is....... R E L A T I V E.

This study in relativity was shot on Ghost Abiquiu, New of Georgia O'Keeffe's haunts.

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Back Fence Gossips..................

Two Billy Goats Gruff...check'n out the hot nanny who had just arrived in their... 'hood.

" Huge hooters!", Big Black Billy Goat Gruff was heard saying.

To which smaller Gray Billy Goat Gruff responded, "I thought I recognized her from somewhere !"
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Knock Your Socks Off .......ZENIAS !

More " jewels" of the famous Santa Fe Farmer's Market.....which I make a point of visiting every Saturday morning...It is a place which celebrates life..with food, flowers, friendships....old and new.

While experiecing the market each weekend, I get energized from the bounties of His earth....and abundant goodwill of the vendors and customers alike.

My time spent in S.F.F.M. is precious. One of my favorite things is the live music..... Such joy !

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Thank you Mr. Peacock

Thank you Mr. Peacock for being so handsome.....and struting your "stuff" so proudly.....I think you understand how elegant you are....and that is OK.....You are so me!
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Thank you Mr. Peacock

Thank you Mr. Peacock for being so handsome.....and struting your "stuff" so proudly.....I think you understand how elegant you are....and that is OK.....You are so me!

.............The NAVAJO'S Portrait

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........The NAVAJO

There was a handsome Navajo Native American Indian dancer at the Golden Dawn Gallery that night................His costume was outstanding. I understand that it was original ...designed and produced by him.

I have been told that it is a tradition of Native American Indian dancers to create their own costumes. A custom that has been passed down thru the ages. They are truly works of art !

It has been related to me, that the Hopis and the Navajos are friends. I think I have read that they marry into each-other's tribes....I do know that the Hopis ad the Navajo were dancing...interacting....friendly.... at Golden Daw Gallery that night.

Unfortunately, I did not get this Navajo Native American Indian man's name. He was not as out-going as Marcos.....As eye-catching and interesting as he was, he seemed a little shy....or maybe I should use the words " very reserved". Perhaps I will see him again next year, during Indian Market, and get his name.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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This portrait of Marcos, a Hopi Native American Indian, was made at the Golden Dawn Gallery on Galisteo Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I think this photograph captures Marcos' spirit...and is "him".

Where in the world was Georgia O'Keeffe ?

Georgia did not take this photograph, but I'm sure that a lot of you feel like she "owns" this building.

I took this photograph while visitng Taos, New Mexico, in the Fall of 2007, to participate in a painting workshop.

I was pleased with the sky that day. What wonderful puffy little clouds.... on a background of jewel-toned blue.

Ranchos de Taos....I believe it is called. It is just South of Taos a few miles, on the road heading back to Santa Fe.

Think I'll visit there again..... I would like to capture a lot of shots of this wonderful structure...with various skies.

A moonlight shot would be ideal. I can see it in my " mind's eye ". .....The moon is full and the sky twinkling with diamonds. Northern New Mexico skies are magic that way.
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Their relationship was............. I N T E N S E.....

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............ E X C I T I N G..............

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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Future Home in Manhattan....NOT!

Snicker...snicker. When on the steps of the Metro- politan Art Museum, I could look across the street to a place in which I would like to live for a couple of years.

Living there would make it possible for me to visit the museum every day. I could enjoy being "lost" in the Met for days on end. I think I could be comfortable doing that for a long, long time. And just imagine what a good art historian I would be after being " overexposed" in that environment.

Anyway, I don't think I will be living in that fancy flat "across the way" as I was told it would cost somewhere around $12,000,000.00. Is that the way you write 12million dollars ?!
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Grafitti on Romero to the Santa Fe, NM

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IF....anyone "out there" knows how to read this grafitti.....please let me know. I am definitely NOT a grafitti authority.

Saw this and thought the colors were great but have not a clue about the content. Hoping is is not obscene.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Friend

My friend, does n't know how important he is to me.

Without his friendship, I would be floating untethered on the stormy seas of life.

He is my anchor.

If I am sad, he reads the tears in my eyes.....and knows how to turn my pages.

I love him.

In Memory of My First Born

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" M E T T "

November 8th, 1974 - February 26th, 2008

I was a late bloomer and 33 years old, when I had the honor of giving birth to Mett.

Interestingly.....Mett was 33 years old when he died in his sleep that night.

Mary's son also died when he was 33.

This mother knows that Mary was blessed as she got to see her son grow and mature into a loving, caring, responsible I did.

When I learn of parents loosing a child of much younger years, I feel great sadness for them and am thankful that I was privileged to see my son become a wonderful human being....a man in every sense of the word.

Life is not the same without my beautiful Mett, but I have learned to always tell people who are special in my life and whom I love ......" I LOVE YOU ".

Loving others is a gift and sharing that feeling is a beautiful, freeing and easy way to experience life at its best.

We never know when our time on earth will pass.... and it is such a rewarding thing to embrace others with kindness and caring..with such a simple gesture as warm words from the soul.


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Life is a gift....Open it carefully.

A Present from Me to You................

May this bright and happy image of nature, bring happiness to your heart.
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Big Bird


Up..up....and away ! Off we went...into the wild blue yonder.

I must apologize for... perhaps, overposting images from the air, but I am addicted to clicking while flying. I have been doing so since I went up in a crop duster, in the sixties, with a friend who was making aerial photos for a developer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Wonder what Wilber and Oliver Wright would have thought of my "weakness" ?!!
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Fall Apples in the Farmer's Market.....?

Are you hungry for some Fall apples?

You can find beautiful and delicious apples in Santa Fe's Farmer's each Saturday morning from around seven am until noon.
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But I see peaches in that picture? If so, that means that this photo must have been made during the first week of September....and the apples must have been very early.


Just looking at these beautiful Summer Zenias...makes me H A P P Y !.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

One of My Favorite Paintings

One day, while walking Missista Rozita on Marcy
Street, just a block or so off of the plaza, in Santa Fe, I came upon a very interesting gallery. I believe the name of it was Skotia.

There were many handsome paintings in Skotia, but I liked this portrait of a lady... best. The name of the artist is Geoffrey Laurence.

I believe Mr. Laurence is in his early sixties. I so often find that the best artist are at least fifty-five years old. That seems to be when most artist "hit their stride".

I also discovered that Mr. Laurence is so successful, that I probably won't be having my portrait done by him right away. It was related to me that his portrait prices start at $30,000.00.

I love the hat, the butterflies, the beetles.....and just everything about the way this was handled.

Thank you Mr. Laurence for giving me much pleasure while viewing this beautiful work of art. I will be saving my pennies, so that I may engage you to paint my portrait... with butterflies and dragonflies...and of course my favorite chapeau.
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