Sunday, November 8, 2009

Riding Shotgun with My Canon

Usually, I am in the driver's seat, but on this glorious Sunday, I was riding "shotgun" (as teenagers of the fifties use to say.. with an impish giggle).

A female realtor chauffeured me Northward, with great big dollar marks swimming in her greedy eyes. It was another sunny Sunday in Northern New Mexico and she was on a mission.

I was delighted to be in a position of visual authority with my camera... aiming, clicking, shooting, capturing clouds...clouds, clouds...Soft billowy clouds which sensuously filled the sky.

My eyes ate. My brain registered. My heart filled. Those skies....those skies...those beautiful, sweet, painterly, Godly skies. They filled my heart with awe and wonder...and now I am giving them, in their goodness and glory to you.May your soul eat well and your heart feel full.

Did you tell that the sunny skies of The Land of Enchantment are my "drug of choice"?

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