Saturday, November 14, 2009

One of My Favorite Paintings

One day, while walking Missista Rozita on Marcy
Street, just a block or so off of the plaza, in Santa Fe, I came upon a very interesting gallery. I believe the name of it was Skotia.

There were many handsome paintings in Skotia, but I liked this portrait of a lady... best. The name of the artist is Geoffrey Laurence.

I believe Mr. Laurence is in his early sixties. I so often find that the best artist are at least fifty-five years old. That seems to be when most artist "hit their stride".

I also discovered that Mr. Laurence is so successful, that I probably won't be having my portrait done by him right away. It was related to me that his portrait prices start at $30,000.00.

I love the hat, the butterflies, the beetles.....and just everything about the way this was handled.

Thank you Mr. Laurence for giving me much pleasure while viewing this beautiful work of art. I will be saving my pennies, so that I may engage you to paint my portrait... with butterflies and dragonflies...and of course my favorite chapeau.
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