Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where in the world was Georgia O'Keeffe ?

Georgia did not take this photograph, but I'm sure that a lot of you feel like she "owns" this building.

I took this photograph while visitng Taos, New Mexico, in the Fall of 2007, to participate in a painting workshop.

I was pleased with the sky that day. What wonderful puffy little clouds.... on a background of jewel-toned blue.

Ranchos de Taos....I believe it is called. It is just South of Taos a few miles, on the road heading back to Santa Fe.

Think I'll visit there again..... I would like to capture a lot of shots of this wonderful structure...with various skies.

A moonlight shot would be ideal. I can see it in my " mind's eye ". .....The moon is full and the sky twinkling with diamonds. Northern New Mexico skies are magic that way.
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